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    The reading audience includes all key decision makers. Coal Leader goes to all coal mines, to mine managers, maintenance staff, purchasing agents and corporate offices as well as equipment manufacturers, mining consultants and those providing other products and services to the coal industry.

    Coal Leader is mailed to all major companies in the rail and utility industries and to Canada and Mexico . There is also bonus circulation to hundreds of visitors at meetings, seminars and trade shows connected with the coal industry. Coal Leader has a circulation of 15,127.

Why The Industry Reads Coal Leader

  • Monthly coal mining news as it happens, on both underground and surface mining worldwide.
  • Coal industry production, safety and technology news and comments.
  • News of the mining machinery manufacturers, as well as service companies, electric utility and railroad industries.
  • Feature articles on environmental and legislative controls such as global climate change and clean air.
  • Coverage of current legislation and government reports.
  • Fresh, topical and innovative reporting.

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